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    Our Partners

    School ICT Services partners with a small number of carefully selected companies who provide solutions that we believe will be of benefit to the academies & schools we work with.


    e-Safe Systems Ltd

    e-safe Systems LtdThe unique e-Safe Monitoring service enables a school or college to safeguard students and staff by using the ICT environment as a source of behavioural markers and early warning of risk.

    The e-Safe service employs sophisticated image and word/phrase detection technology to monitor on-line and off-line behaviour. All incidents are reviewed by a team of specialist examiners and those requiring intervention are escalated to school staff responsible for safeguarding and pastoral care for prompt intervention. To further eliminate the operational burden on school resources, the technology component is hosted off-site and administered by e-Safe technical staff.

    The unique approach of the e-Safe service provides a simple and effective way to help schools and colleges follow Ofsted’s safeguarding directives and move away from locked down, restricted ICT systems while at the same time ensuring compliance to Acceptable Use Policy.

    The service currently monitors in excess of 400,000 students and staff in primary and secondary education across the UK.

    How vulnerable is your school?

    To enable schools to evaluate the e-Safe Monitoring service and provide a measure of current e-safety levels and possible areas of vulnerability across the organisation, e-Safe is offering a free of charge confidential field trial of its unique monitoring service to customers of Schools ICT Services. The trial requires no ICT Support team involvement beyond the granting of appropriate permission for the work; controlled access to the IT environment; and communication with the school leadership concerned. The duration of the field trial is typically 4-6 weeks during which the school experiences the full e-Safe Service with all incidents reviewed by child protection and forensic experts; those requiring intervention are escalated against a pre-agreed protocol to nominated school safeguarding staff.



    e-safe Systems Ltd
    Impero has developed a range of network management software solutions, relied upon by education establishments around the world.
    Consolidating a range of powerful network management features, Impero’s product range is designed to save money, time and carbon, while increasing productivity and reducing risk.
    Using Impero’s network management software is easy, and it’s flexible enough to support your way of working. Put simply, Impero hands you the power to control your network in a way that best suits your establishment.



    The InVentry Sign in Solution manages Visitor, Staff, and Student Sign in, using a sleek and stylish touch screen interface located at the reception.

    Staff have the ability to sign in via barcode, RFID card, or mobile App. Our multi-platform Apps also allow for external registration in the event of a fire, and registration for breakfast and after-school clubs using our ClubReg system.

    InVentry fully integrates with most MIS – including Capita SIMS, RM Integris, CMIS, Progresso, and Bromcom. This includes late marks written back to the attendance module in permitting MIS.

    ClassMark is our Classroom Registration product built for our Primary Schools. ClassMark is accessible from any device, including iPad and interactive classroom displays. The system has been designed to be as user friendly as possible, to the extent that many of our Infant schools use the system to involve their pupils in the registration process! When shown on the interactive display in the classroom, children are able to walk up and touch their own photographs before a member of staff authorises the marks to be sent back to SIMS.

    school audit
    School Audit will revolutionise the way you manage assets in your school. Our software is simple, smart and effective, and gives you access to live accurate data at all times.

    With unlimited users and locations, anyone with a smart device can carry out audit and compliance checks, add new assets, report damaged equipment, carry out health and safety compliance checks, all from one simple app.

    School Audit is designed for all education establishments that want to take control of their asset and compliance problems using a cost effective software solution.

    Take control of your asset and compliance problems and reduce the time taken to manage and audit your assets by up to 75%


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