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    Fileset 704

    Click here to download Fileset 704. Click here to download a guide for importing filesets. We would suggest you create a new return once you have applied the new fileset.

    This Fileset makes the following changes for School Census Autumn 2017, but you should note that the DfE has not corrected the problem with rule 1852 for their school validation.  However, the problem with rule 1852 has been addressed for the COLLECT validation.

    DfE School Validation

    Errors 3100, 3110, 3120, 3130, 3140, 3150, 5170, 5180 and 5230

    The coding for each of these validation errors has been updated to take account of the very late change to the DfE specification that applies the same rule to exclude pupils taught in year ‘R’ in Nursery Schools as was previously only true for Non-Nursery Schools.

    Error 3070 – Pupil’s Country of Birth is missing or an invalid value

    The validation rule now takes account of ‘Slovakia’.

    Error 3075 – Pupil’s Nationality is missing or an invalid value

    The validation rule now takes account of ‘Slovakia’.

    DfE School Summary Report

    Table 2 – Pupils on roll by age and gender

    The age calculation has been corrected to that the total for pupils are shown in a year in line with the pupils’ actual age.

    Table 15: Attendance information for the 2017 summer term (terms 5 and 6) for all pupils aged between 5 and 15 years as at 31/08/2016 [Not for: Nursery school]

    The unauthorised absence codes have been included and persistent absentee calculation amended.

    Table 23 – Universal infant school meals

    The age calculation has been corrected for pupils with NC year X so that the correct pupils are taken into account for year X.

    SIMS Application

    UPRN (Unique Property Reference Number)

    This is now being included in the return where it is available.

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