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    Exam Results Information 17/8/2016

    Exam Results Information 17/8/2016. Please see below details of some of the issues that Schools are experiencing today:

    New Consolidated Patch – Capita released a second Consolidated Patch last night which has now been released to all schools via SOLUS 3 (22188). If there are any schools not able to use SOLUS 3, the patch can also be downloaded from the Client Downloads Area of our Website and applied via DBUpgrade.

    PI Cohort 16-18 not populating correctly – We have several schools where the 16+ PI Cohort is not populating correctly. We do not currently have a solution to this issue, but have logged a call with Capita and will update you as soon as possible.

    No data for Report for Certification Broadsheet – this error will occur if the latest versions of the QAN Catalogue and Performance Measures File (V2) have not been imported. Both are available in the Client Downloads Area of our website.

    New Spec AS Qualifications not appearing on the Broadsheet (for OCR) – This is due to missing QCA Codes in the basedata. Check what the correct QCA code should be (found in the Classification panel in Course Manager), and add manually to the Basedata.

    iGCSE English Basedata (CIE) has missing or incorrect QCA Code in the basedata – Manually edit the QCA code to be FK2B for the Certification in the Basedata – Progress 8 and Attainment 8 will not calculate correctly without this.

    If you require any help with any of the above, or have any other issues, please call the Helpdesk on 0845 643 6802, or email logacall@schoolicts.co.uk.

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