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    Fileset 804 for Spring Census has now been released.  Fileset 804 is exactly the same for English School as Fileset 803 therefore either Fileset...

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    Census News

    Census News: Can I please draw your attention to the following issues.

    Fileset 405 is the current fileset however, both fileset 404 and 405 contained updated validation for Welsh schools only.  If you have Fileset 403 or higher you have the most up to date to run census.  If you put on a new fileset always create a new version of census to ensure that the validation works correctly.

    You can use the bulk update routine in Routine | Pupil | Bulk update to update the data for Pupil Nationality, Country of Birth and Proficiency in English.  If you have not already collected the data you can use the category not yet obtained for both Pupil Nationality and Country of Birth.  You can use the category not yet assessed if you have not had time to assess Proficiency in English for pupils who have a first language other than English.

    Funded hours.  2, 3 and 4 year olds attract a maximum free entitlement of 15 hours a week. Pupils must be born between 01/09/2011 and 31/08/2014 for the Autumn Census to appear in the panel.

    Please note that SVK (Slovakia) has not been taken into account for the final version of the autumn XSLT validation. As SVK is as a valid country and nationality for the autumn 2016 schools Census, these validation failures can be ignored where SVK has been assigned to a pupil.  Once the return has been uploaded onto COLLECT this error will disappear.

    If you have census errors 210 and 230 regarding national curriculum years please go to Focus | School | Pastoral Structure | Current Structure. Click on Go to load.  Right click on Pastoral Structure and select Setup Curriculum Years.  This opens the curriculum years window which will be correct.  Click on OK (do not make any changes) and then Save.  Create and Validate the census again and the errors will  disappear.

    UPRN – Unique property reference number.  If you have the address validation on your system when you validate the address for a student it will add the UPRN under the address.  From Autumn 2017 this will be collected in census rather than the full address.  Over the next 12 months we will be helping schools to get this up and running on their SIMS if they do not already have it.  The address validation will be greyed out on SIMS if you do not have the ability to do this yet.

    Validation – Errors 2500 and 2510 for Special Schools

    Please note all schools with a phase of SP (special school) will trigger Error 2500 (for on roll pupils) and Error 2510 (for leavers) in the final version of the autumn XSLT validation. These error should only apply for termly attendance data. As special schools are only required to return annual attendance data in the autumn 2016 school census, these error can be ignored in special schools MIS. Once the return has been uploaded onto COLLECT these errors will disappear.

    If you have any queries on census please contact us on 0845 6436802

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